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Emily Suess

Find All Wolfram News in One Place—The Wolfram Blog

December 10, 2015 —
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This is the final post here at the Wolfram|Alpha Blog.

Approximately six and a half years ago our launch team started the Wolfram|Alpha blog just prior to the release of Wolfram|Alpha, and by the end of 2009 we had already published 133 posts.

Wolfram|Alpha blog duration

Over the years, this blog has given us the opportunity to introduce you to many Wolfram|Alpha features; bring you news and “How tos” in areas like astronomy, culture and media, physics, and weather; and announce new searchable data paclets released by our curation and development teams.

However, last year the introduction of the Wolfram Language brought greater Wolfram|Alpha query integration to Wolfram’s growing list of products. So it makes sense to turn our focus toward how those natural language queries can be used by Wolfram’s expanding technology stack.

Going forward, as the official voice of Wolfram, the Wolfram Blog will be the go-to place for timely news and information, introductions to new features, Q&As with users, and much more.

You will still have the opportunity to browse archived posts here, but for new content, be sure to subscribe to the Wolfram Blog.