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Emily Suess

Celebrate Donald Duck’s 80th Birthday with Wolfram|Alpha

June 9, 2014 —
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To borrow a phrase from Donald himself: “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” The famous anthropomorphized duck created by Walt Disney Productions is celebrating a birthday today. At 80 years old, he’s outlived the oldest known domestic duck by 55 years!

Anas platrhynchos domestica

Here at Wolfram|Alpha, some of us are celebrating by plotting Donald Duck-like curves.

donald duck curve

While others are busy discovering how many unique words can be created from his full, given name: Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

words in donaldfauntleroyduck

Donald Duck didn’t rise to fame alone, though. His cartoon family, including his mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, cousin, aunt, two uncles, and three nephews, have all played supporting roles along the way.

donald duck family relations

Donald Duck also plays a major role in many Disney theme parks, and has been in more attractions and shows than Mickey Mouse. In addition to being part of the “It’s a Small World” amusement park ride, he’s also a popular meet-and-greet character.

So happy 80th birthday, Donald Duck, and congratulations on your many accomplishments!