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Brice Russ

Monday Afternoon with the Oscars

March 3, 2014 —
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If you’re any kind of a movie fan, there’s a good chance that you spent last night watching Ellen DeGeneres and the 86th Academy Awards. If you still can’t get enough Oscars trivia, join us on Wolfram|Alpha to take a look through some of our Academy Awards data.

Who’s your favorite actor (or actress)? Wolfram|Alpha can tell you how many Oscars they’ve won, which categories they won them for, and even how old they were when they won. Here’s Meryl Streep, for example:

List of Academy Awards for Meryl Streep

You can do the same for Oscar nominations, too—we’ll hold off posting the result for Meryl Streep this time, since her acting skills have made it a much longer list.

We can, however, show that Wolfram|Alpha returns similar lists for Academy-Award-nominated directors, writers, and other individuals:

List of George Lucas Academy Award nominations

You can use these queries for movies, too—such as my personal favorite, Children of Men:

Academy Award nominations for Children of Men

Wolfram|Alpha has a lot of other great movie data: you can look up anything, from the budget of the movie Titanic (not to be confused with the actual Titanic) to the total box office gross of every movie with Anne Hathaway, and beyond.

And last, but not least, we always work on keeping our data as fresh as possible—so feel free to use Wolfram|Alpha to explore this year’s Academy Awards:

2014 Academy Award winners