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Students, Let Wolfram|Alpha Help You Make 2014 a Success

January 13, 2014 —
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Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2014? Here’s one of ours: to make sure the rest of your academic year is the best and most successful that it can be. Why? Because you’re awesome and you deserve it!

Propel yourself through the rest of this school year with the world’s most comprehensive knowledge engine. A Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription means you’ll get access to our new Wolfram Problem Generator and Step-by-step solutions in math and chemistry to make studying for exams easier than ever before.

Wolfram Problem Generator derivative example

Step-by-step solution

With Pro, you’ll also be able to upload your own data in a number of different formats (like Microsoft Excel files and images), download any of your query results as interactive Computable Document Formatâ„¢ (CDF), and get extended computing time to allow you to make more complicated queries. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and start the year off right—discover the vast knowledge of Wolfram|Alpha with a Pro account!

Also check out our popular Course Assistant Apps, which have helped students in a wide range of subjects excel in their classes—and which might give you an extra edge, too!

Course Assistant app

Or, pick up Mathematica Student Edition and get the full power of Wolfram’s cornerstone product—ideal for any course.

And we’re just getting started–stay tuned! We’ll be talking academics all week, so make sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter as we talk more in depth about different academic tools, tips, and resources every day.

Edit: We offered a 10% off discount promotion in January 2014 that has since expired. But don’t worry! You can still claim a student discount here.