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Allison Taylor

Merry Christmas from Wolfram|Alpha!

December 23, 2013 —
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Soft snow, fuzzy sweaters, cozy nights by the fireplace… Winter is my favorite season! And with the excitement of the holidays approaching, it’s hard not to get swept up in it all. Whether you look forward to the delicious food, the great company, or all the holiday traditions, this time of year is worth the bitter cold that comes with it. (Well, for the Northern Hemisphere, at least!)

Recently, Wolfram|Alpha curated a whole slew of new data for the Christmas season. Hoping for a white Christmas? Well, how many individual snowflakes would make up a single layer of snow on your lawn?

About how many snowflakes to cover a half acre

And of course, don’t forget all the possibilities with holiday candy—whether you’re planning how to build your gingerbread house or “stocking” up on candy canes:

How many M&Ms to cover a gingerbread house?

How many candy canes to fill a Christmas stocking?

This time of year, I’m also always amazed by the number of Christmas ornaments my family and I have collected over time. And yet somehow we’ve always managed to find a place for them all on the tree (I suspect this requires the assistance of the fourth dimension).

About how many Christmas ornaments to cover a Christmas tree?

If you’re conscious of being eco-friendly this holiday season, I have come up with a brilliant idea to keep the world green—by growing more than enough Christmas trees on the Moon! OK, so maybe this isn’t as practical as it sounded in my head…

How many Christmas trees would cover the moon?

And don’t forget to travel safely, no matter what kind transportation you take (or what you decide to bring along with you!):

How many snowmen fit in a Boeing 747?

How many Santa hats fit in a sleigh?

Happy Holidays from Wolfram|Alpha!