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Computer-Based Math™ Education Summit 2013

September 5, 2013 —
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We’re pleased to announce that is partnering with UNICEF for the third Computer-Based Math™ Education Summit.

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Taking place at the New York headquarters of UNICEF, this year’s event will answer the question, “How do we deliver improved life chances worldwide by cooperating on a fundamental rethink of the math curriculum?” It will bring together a broad cross section of leaders from a range of countries in industry, technology, education, and government.

The conference will include various interactive sessions, including live demos and audience discussions and debates.

Sessions from previous years can be found online.

This is a critical time for math education. With worldwide recognition of its failings, many policy makers are looking for fundamental change. CBM not only exposes the problem, but offers the path to a solution.

Join us in New York and be part of that solution!