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Wolfram|Alpha Apps: Your Guide to Summer

June 17, 2013 —
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Wolfram|Alpha apps are your guide to summer! Whether you’re interested in sunbathing, traveling, boating, stargazing, or fitness, we have an app for you.

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

The Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App lets you make smart decisions about how long to bask in the sun, and when to avoid it. Calculate an individualized “time to sunburn” based on your skin type and level of SPF. View a UV index forecast map and change the date/time to see when the sun is at its strongest for your area.

Flight Information Reference App

If your ultimate summer fun includes traveling across the country to visit friends and family, then look to the Wolfram Flight Information Reference App as your go-to guide for real-time data on flights in the US. Find flights by arrival and departure city, airport name, or airport code to make catching a flight or picking up visitors at the airport a breeze. Fight boredom during travel with the Wolfram Flight Information App by discovering what flights can be seen overhead at any given time, and by computing interesting statistics about average flight durations and delays.

When you’re off to explore new areas, take the Wolfram Travel Assistant App or the Wolfram Geography Course Assistant with you. The Wolfram Travel Assistant App can be the key to a successful trip with its offering of important information about gas prices, tourism facts, cost of living, crime rates, time zone calculations, and more! The Wolfram Geography Course Assistant can help you find land and water features like mountains, volcanoes, rivers, and lakes, and give you relevant social statistic information like student population and literacy rates.

Wolfram Tides Calculator Reference App

The Wolfram Tides Calculator Reference App has a lot to offer boating hobbyists (or anyone spending a lot of time on or near the water this summer): tide information, weather forecasts and history, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, and more. You’ll also be able to do computations that will come in handy for your underwater activities.

Wolfram Stars Reference App

Relaxing under the stars your idea of perfection? Take a gander at the Wolfram Stars Reference App, which can add educational context to your stargazing. Determine a star’s current sky position from your location, or just explore properties for each star, such as magnitude, spectral class, temperature, and more. Use the Wolfram Planets Reference App to find out which planets are visible from your current location. You can also see a map of the current solar system and an image of each planet.

Wolfram Person Fitness Assistant App

Don’t let the energy expenditure of your summertime activities go uncalculated! Fine-tune your fitness strategies and calculate how much energy you’re using during the hustle and bustle of summertime activities with the Wolfram Personal Fitness Assistant App. Use your measurements to discover metabolic properties, like fat burned and energy used, for over 275 activities, including surfing, fishing, dancing, or playing team sports like baseball and volleyball.

Whatever your plans, Wolfram|Alpha can help make your summer shine! Start this season out right by getting them on iTunes now.

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You can also see a map of the current solar system and an image of each planet.

Posted by topdiablo3 June 28, 2013 at 2:56 am