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Richard Clark

What Could You Do With an Extra Hour?

November 2, 2012 —
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At 2am on Sunday, November 4, the United States (sans Arizona and Hawaii, which are special) will end daylight saving time. The result is that Americans will essentially “gain” an hour. I thought it would make for a fun blog post to tell you about what you could potentially do with your extra hour, in part because none of my real-life friends would listen to me.

So at 2am, I suspect most Americans will be sleeping. I’m a fat person, but let’s assume you weigh 160lbs/70kg. How many calories will you burn over the course of that hour of extra sleep?

calories burned sleeping one hour

Personally, I’ll probably be reading by my computer’s screensaver of a fireplace. How many words can you read over the course of an hour?

16,500 words

If you could travel at the speed of sound, you could fly from Eugene, Oregon to Riverside, California in precisely one hour. So if you left at 2am, you’d arrive at 2am.

Eugene, Oregon to Riverside, California

I could go on forever, but instead of doing that, here’s a handy list of of other exciting queries related to what you can do with a single hour:

What else can you do with an hour? Why not experiment with Wolfram|Alpha and find out?