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Introducing the Wolfram US Presidents and US States Reference Apps

September 13, 2011 —
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Learning all about the 50 US states and the history of the presidents of the United States is a pivotal part of the education of Americans. To assist people learning about these key aspects or those who want to freshen up on their trivia, we have released the Wolfram US States Reference App and the Wolfram US Presidents Reference App, both for iOS.

Wolfram US Presidents Reference AppWolfram US States Reference App

With the Wolfram US States Reference App, identifying states is fun and easy! Using the interactive map, you can learn about state capitals and flags; state symbols, including state bird, flower, tree, and motto; state demographics, including population and annual births; housing, income, and economic information; and more!

US States Reference App iPad

Learning more about 44 United States presidents is simple with the Wolfram US Presidents Reference App. With the app, you can determine who was president during a specific time period in history, learn the place and date of birth or death for each president, and see leadership positions held by presidents throughout their lifetimes.

Martin Van Buren

Both apps return information on the fly without a wireless connection and include live look-ups for more details.

The Wolfram US States Reference App and the Wolfram US Presidents Reference App can both be found on the iTunes App Store for $0.99. More information about these apps and our other Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps can be found here.

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