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C. Alan Joyce

Minimum Wage Data Comes to Wolfram|Alpha

March 4, 2011 —
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Wolfram|Alpha recently added information about the minimum wage in U.S. states (from 1967 through today) based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor. This means you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about simple historical facts, like the U.S. minimum wage in 1980, or perform simple analyses, like comparing the current minimum wage in Ohio and Alaska.

Compare minimum wage in Ohio and Alaska

For questions about U.S. or state minimum wages, Wolfram|Alpha generates a “Time conversions” pod that automatically computes an equivalent wage over various units of absolute and working time. (Note that you can also enter any arbitrary wage into Wolfram|Alpha—“$500 per week”, for example—to prompt the same computation.)

California minimum wage

Wolfram|Alpha also computes an inflation-adjusted result for all minimum-wage queries, adjusting historical data to current U.S. dollars using the Consumer Price Index. So you can ask directly for information like the 1979 U.S. minimum wage adjusted for inflation, and discover that it was equivalent to more than $9 per hour in current dollars.

1979 U.S. minimum wage adjusted for inflation

(Note that many states have legislated minimum wage rates that are lower than the federal minimum wage. Where applicable, Wolfram|Alpha includes brief footnotes describing these lower rates and the specific employment situations they apply to. The specific Wolfram|Alpha result, however, only applies to jobs covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, so the effective minimum wage provided for a particular state will never be lower than the federal wage.)

And, as always, you can mash up this data with other information in Wolfram|Alpha. Perform simple mathematical operations using a particular minimum wage, such as “CA minimum wage * 27 hours”, or try comparing a state minimum wage with the hourly wage for a specific occupation by querying “IL minimum wage vs. IL waiters hourly wage”. Or you can get a little more creative, and try to figure out how long someone would have to work a minimum-wage job in order to pay off his or her electricity bill:

Price of 500 kwh of electricity in IL/IL minimum wage

So go ahead and explore this data yourself, and if you stumble upon any fun or interesting facts, tweet them to @WolframFunFacts.


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II often search the Community. Several times I have been told the search word is too common when that is not true. The latest was Mathematica.

Posted by Brian Gilbert March 23, 2011 at 5:09 pm

How to make the images of graphs in Discrete Mathematics bigger?

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