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Bookmark and Share Wolfram|Alpha

September 1, 2010 —
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We’re continually looking for new ways to make accessing and sharing knowledge from Wolfram|Alpha simpler. As a result, we’ve introduced a new tool that allows you to share and bookmark knowledge directly from any Wolfram|Alpha results page.

With the new “Bookmark & Share” features, you can easily post Wolfram|Alpha results to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Reddit. Hover over the more icon ( + ) to share via email,, Tumblr, and dozens of other social networking and sharing sites.

Results for weather in London on the day David Beckham was born

We look forward to sharing more tools and site enhancements with you in the near future. And as always, we love hearing ideas on how we can continue to make Wolfram|Alpha a fun experience for you!


Very cool! I like this a lot. Thank you for adding it!

Posted by Oma Els September 2, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Considero que Wolfram Alpha es uno de los mejores programas de aayuda a estudiantes que tiene la wed. Es un complemento a Maathematicas 7. Lástima que ahora, por motivos de tiempo han limitado el acceso.
Me gustaría ampliaran el tema de campos cuadráticos e ideales.
Un saludo

Posted by Rafael Parra Machio September 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm