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Wolfram|Alpha on Campus: Chicago State University

December 2, 2009 —
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Use of Wolfram|Alpha is really taking off on college campuses around the world. This is especially true at Chicago State University.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Sciences John Erickson has long used Mathematica in his courses. So when he heard Wolfram Research was launching Wolfram|Alpha, which is built on Mathematica, he knew it would become a major resource for engaging students in mathematics.

Now with Wolfram|Alpha fully integrated into his courses, he says the site is “the best thing for education” because it helps him take his lessons beyond what’s covered in a typical textbook. In this video, he shares an example of how Wolfram|Alpha allows him to show real-world applications of the math he’s teaching.

Wolfram|Alpha has also been quite a hit with Professor Erickson’s students, who now use Wolfram|Alpha for all of their courses. They say it’s like having a “personal tutor” available at all times. In this video, they demonstrate why Wolfram|Alpha has become their go-to tool.

The president of Chicago State University attended Professor Erickson’s class to get a firsthand look at the value of using Wolfram|Alpha in the classroom. Here’s what he had to say about how Wolfram|Alpha enhances education.

For lesson plans and examples to help you get started using Wolfram|Alpha in the classroom, visit the Submissions Gallery on the Wolfram|Alpha Homework Day website.

We also invite you to share ideas and interact with other educators in the Wolfram|Alpha Community.

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