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Chemistry 101 Review

October 21, 2009 —
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A few months back we introduced our blog readers to Wolfram|Alpha’s chemistry data, and we thought it would be fitting to have a Chemistry 101 review blog post for Homework Day. Wolfram|Alpha contains a wealth of chemistry data, and provides you with rapid and accurate computations at the simple push of a button. Wolfram|Alpha is an incredible learning tool for new chemistry students looking for ways to learn and test their knowledge of chemistry basics. Many of the topic areas found in an introductory or basic chemistry course syllabus can be explored in Wolfram|Alpha.

Need to compute how many moles are in 5 grams of iron? Query “how many moles are in 5 grams of iron?“, and Wolfram|Alpha quickly computes your input and returns a result, along with unit conversions.

Computing how many moles are in 5 grams of iron

Or you want to check how many molecules of water are present in 5 moles of water:

Converting 5 moles of water to molecules

Need some quick facts about carbon? Make a single query, and Wolfram|Alpha returns its periodic table location, basic elemental properties, and much more.

Properties for the element carbon

With Wolfram|Alpha you can explore a multitude of areas in basic chemistry, such as referencing chemical elements, ions, and compounds, and computing chemical quantity conversions, stoichiometry, solutions, and much more.

Do you have questions on how to use Wolfram|Alpha in your chemistry courses? Or maybe you’re already using Wolfram|Alpha as a chemistry resource? Join us over at the Homework Day website, and send your homework questions to our team of experts.


This Chemistry tutorial seems to be the first W|A tutorial as such though I may be wrong. I suggest that ‘Tutorials’ be made another heading for the community page perhaps under ‘More’. This and any other tutorials can the be placed there for easy location.

Posted by Brian Gilbert October 22, 2009 at 6:26 am


Congratulations for trying to provide a place where students can come for real assistance with Chemistry, a course that many find truly challenging. Any chem student will find it helpful to have a source where they can check answers to calculations they are working through.

And, while it is helpful to have the answers, it is not an instructional “learning tool”. Answers alone are not really instructional. Your statement above that Wolfram|Alpha “provides you with rapid and accurate computations” is not quite accurate. Answers are provided, i.e., results of the computations. If, in addition to the answers, you showed the actual computations in a step-wise manner, THAT would be instructional to a student and offer a true learning tool.

Posted by Walter J Krieg October 24, 2009 at 9:35 am

this is amazing.

Posted by Liz June 17, 2010 at 8:29 am

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