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Catch Wolfram|Alpha at the 2009 Semantic Technology Conference

June 15, 2009 —
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2009 Semantic Technology Conference | June 14–18 | San Jose, California

We’re pleased to announce that our own Russell Foltz-Smith, a dynamic member of the Wolfram|Alpha business development team, will be interviewed onstage by Nova Spivack, CEO and founder of Radar Networks, which develops semantic social software such as Twine. The interview is part of a special session at the fifth annual Semantic Technology Conference on Wednesday, June 17 at 12:30pm U.S. PDT in San Jose, California.

The interview will focus on going beyond the recent launch news to discuss what’s “under the hood”, so to speak, as well as what’s on the road map for Wolfram|Alpha over the next few months. Nova and Russell will also explore some of the bigger-picture ramifications of computational knowledge, in areas such as education, science, and even ethics.

If you’re unable to be at the conference, you can still track the action on Twitter, so be sure to follow @wolfram_alpha and monitor the conference hashtag, #semtech2009.


How can I view this interview or read the text please|?

Posted by Brian Gilbert June 16, 2009 at 3:08 pm

I just joined Twine. Looks awesome. I’ll have to read this transcript and see what else you guys got up to there 🙂

Posted by DejanSEO June 21, 2009 at 11:03 am