The Wolfram|Alpha Launch Team

Wolfram|Alpha Examples

Soon everyone will have access to the first version of Wolfram|Alpha. Already some have asked: “What kinds of questions can Wolfram|Alpha help me answer?” “Will there be examples for me to use?” “How will I get started?”

As we make our final preparations to release Wolfram|Alpha over the next week, we thought it might be helpful to discuss questions like these in this blog.

Looking at the Examples by Topic page provides a good framework. You will be able to navigate from the Wolfram|Alpha home page to Examples:

Examples by Topic

This Examples page image shows that the initial release of Wolfram|Alpha will allow you to probe knowledge derived from many different domains. As Wolfram|Alpha grows, we’ll be adding to this list. We will also have another resource for you, a Visual Gallery of Examples, that we’ll discuss in a later blog post.

When you navigate to any one of the fields on Examples, you can find specific examples of knowledge that you can query. For example, under Socioeconomic Data you find:

Examples: Socioeconomic Data

When you browse through Examples, you’ll discover some of the breadth and depth of Wolfram|Alpha and the surprising power that it puts in your hands. You can explore the human genome (Life Sciences) or imagine what the world looks like if you have 20/200 vision (Health & Medicine). On a practical note, Wolfram|Alpha has many built-in “calculators” that you might find while using Wolfram|Alpha, which are also highlighted in Examples.

We hope that Examples will inspire you to look for interesting things to discover with Wolfram|Alpha. Any thoughts so far?