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Going, Going, Gone… And into Wolfram|Alpha’s Baseball Data Collection

May 5, 2014 —

Since baseball season is in full swing (…no pun intended…), we thought we’d catch you up with our extensive baseball data! From learning the score of last week’s game to comparing the stats of your favorite players in history, Wolfram|Alpha’s got you covered.

Starting way back in baseball history, the popular teams were quite different from the ones on the field today. Who was the leading team in 1884?

baseball team with the most wins in 1884

You can also query for the stats of a particular game. For example, by the most number of hits or runs.

mlb game with the most runs in 1985

Wolfram|Alpha also understands a variety of baseball terminology, from technical terms to abbreviations to slang. Give it a try!

team with the most beans in 1990

And if you’re curious about analyzing the more recent past…

mlb player with the most home runs 2013

Even data from games that happened just a few days ago are at your computational disposal.

last Pirates win versus the Cards

Use the continually updated data to get a visualization of your favorite players’ progress through the season. Graph the data by their age or year in the league to see how they’ve stood up over time.

andre dawson vs george bell vs mark mcgwire vs dale murphy home runs 1987

And just to keep the competition alive, we’ll leave you with this:

Yankees vs Red Sox Ks
Note: Box scores and other game-level data are only available from 1985–present; other stats may not be available for all seasons.

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