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Valentine’s Day the Wolfram|Alpha Way

February 14, 2014 —
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Happy Valentine’s Day from Wolfram|Alpha!

A user recently told us a rather unique love story: He used Wolfram|Alpha to look up the exact time of sunset for his location, so that the ambiance would be just right for when he proposed to his now wife.

sunset august 3, 2013 monterey, ca

Give us a minute while we pause to say, “Aw!”

Everyone’s got to have a little bit of hopeless romantic inside them, don’t they? And if you can’t let it out on Valentine’s Day, when else can you?! So whether you need to plan your own romantic proposal, or you’re looking to take your lover somewhere exciting, Wolfram|Alpha is here to help!

Why not take her to the top of the tallest building in the most romantic city in the world? Which one was it again?

What is the tallest building in the city of love?

Or maybe you love him so much you’d give him the Moon… in the form of chocolate.

About how many hershey bars to fill the moon?

And don’t be sad if you’re alone this Valentine’s Day—Wolfram|Alpha would love to be your Valentine!

Will you be my Valentine?