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Back-to-School Course Assistants—Now Also for Android and Samsung!

August 19, 2013 —
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Heading back to school means stocking up on all the necessary supplies: books, pens, and Wolfram Course Assistant Apps! Whether you’re taking multivariable calculus or music theory, there’s a good chance that we have a Wolfram Course Assistant that’s perfect for you.

Wolfram Course Assistants are still available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad), but we’re proud to announce that we’ve just released versions of our apps for users of Android and Samsung devices as well. Samsung users of our Course Assistants get a particularly nifty bonus: the ability to provide input with handwriting.

Course Assistants for Android  Course Assistants for Samsung

Screen Shots from Course Assistants for Android (left) and Samsung (right)

Our 16 Wolfram Course Assistant Apps give you the tools you need to instantly look up information and solve problems in a wide variety of fields:

* Algebra (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Astronomy (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Calculus (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Discrete Mathematics (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* General Chemistry (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Geography (iOS)

* Linear Algebra (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Mechanics of Materials (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Multivariable Calculus (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Music Theory (iOS)

* Physics I (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Physics II (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Pre-Algebra (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Precalculus (iOS | Android | Samsung)

* Signals & Systems (iOS)

* Statistics (iOS | Android | Samsung)

Each is designed with a custom interface that makes it easy to enter Wolfram|Alpha queries related to a particular subject. Take calculus, for example (screen shot from iPad version):

Calculus Course Assistant (iPad)

From the Calculus Course Assistant launch screen, you can quickly find and plot the derivative of a given function, determine definite and indefinite integrals, look up definitions of calculus terms, and (as seen in the Android screen shots below) calculate limits.

Calculate Limit (Android) Calculate Limit Results (Android)

As the screen shots above show, Course Assistants can also walk you through the steps of solving a given math problem or, when applicable, display the equations needed to find the right answer.

Finding the exact tool you want can still be a bit overwhelming (especially if this is your first experience with calculus/statistics/etc.), but the guided tutorials and demonstration videos available on the app launch screen (iOS only) can point you in the right direction.

Though Course Assistants can help you with math from pre-algebra up to linear algebra and beyond, you’ll find them useful for far more. Our Music Theory Course Assistant, for example, can play and display notes for any major or minor scale:

Music Theory Course Assistant

And the General Chemistry Course Assistant can provide element data, calculate pH, and balance those pesky chemical reactions:

Chemical Equation Balancer Chemical Equation Balancer Results

No matter what courses you’re taking this fall, you’ll probably find at least one Course Assistant pretty helpful. If you’re using an Android or Samsung phone, or if you just haven’t gotten around to trying Course Assistants out on your iPhone or iPad yet, give them a try today!

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I’m doing my a levels at the moment, and was really struggling to keep up with my class, so I bought a couple of these apps (chemistry and physics 1), in utter desperation, I’m now top of my class :) honestly these apps are BEAUTIFUL I cant imagine life without them!!! I love you.

Posted by Madison Hughes October 13, 2013 at 11:15 am