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Drive One down the Fairway with Wolfram|Alpha’s Golf Data

April 11, 2013 —
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The 77th Masters Tournament begins today at Augusta National Golf Club. Many commentators think Tiger Woods is poised to score his fifth win (his last was in 2005), but strong challengers abound.

How does Tiger’s performance so far this year stack up against this year’s performance by Bubba Watson, the 2012 Masters winner, and Louis Oosthuizen, the 2012 runner-up? Louis has the edge in driving accuracy while Bubba has a slight lead hitting greens in regulation. But when it comes to prize money, so far there’s no contest:

Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Louis Oosthuizen PGA prize money

But of course, winning a $1-million-plus purse at the Masters could close that gap for Bubba or Louis (or send Tiger even further into the lead).

There’s a lot more to explore in Wolfram|Alpha’s golf data—and you can easily chart any player’s performance over past seasons, find leaders for any stat of interest, or check final tournament leader boards.

Grab yourself an Arnold Palmer this weekend as you enjoy golf’s first major. And, while Wolfram|Alpha can’t help you with your golf game, we can certainly tell you the facts.

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Wow you can really see the recession hit on the graphs there, lots of fundraising to do if you want to have those big $ golf tournaments again.

Great info, dated now, but good!

Posted by Bobby June 25, 2015 at 10:07 am