The Wolfram|Alpha Team

Still Hard at Work!

May 20, 2009 —

We are constantly monitoring the vital signs of Wolfram|Alpha, and have been since the moment it went live. Traffic has held strong, with a sustained rate of hundreds of requests per second from all continents, and we’re now able to fine-tune our systems in ways that weren’t possible with simulated traffic.

We found that in some regions the site was not as responsive as it could be, and we are now in the process of rebalancing the load and continuing to problem-solve networking issues.

To date, we have made substantial progress on solving issues with our network, DNS, hardware, web server configuration, and databases.

As we continue testing Wolfram|Alpha, we’ve noticed that users occasionally receive a “Slow Script” warning when rendering Wolfram|Alpha pages. We hope to have a fix for this problem soon.

Please drop us a note if you experience performance snags or possible browser incompatibilities.