The Wolfram|Alpha Launch Team

Wolfram|Alpha Is In Production!

Wolfram|Alpha is officially launched!

Wolfram|Alpha went live in test mode at 8:48pm CST on Friday. Our teams worked intensely through the weekend to complete load testing, fix bugs, and begin to address the feedback you have provided—over 22,000 feedback messages. During testing, Wolfram|Alpha processed nearly 23 million queries; by our estimates, approximately 3 out of 4 gave satisfactory results.

By late Sunday night, we were able to test all compute clusters at full capacity.

Compute clusters working at full capacity

Thank you again for all of your enthusiastic support and feedback during this period. It’s been exciting to share your interest and discoveries. We’re really pleased to see communities growing up around Wolfram|Alpha.

Stephen Wolfram reminded us of his vision:

Fifty years ago, when computers were young, people assumed that they’d be able to ask a computer any factual question, and have it compute the answer. I’m happy to say that we’ve successfully built a system that delivers knowledge from a simple input field, giving access to a huge system, with trillions of pieces of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms. Wolfram|Alpha signals a new paradigm for using computers and the Web.

Today marks the dawn of a new era on the internet. Over the next days, weeks, months, and years we’ll keep building out the capabilities of Wolfram|Alpha.

We look forward to seeing where you take it!