The Wolfram|Alpha Launch Team

Counting Down

We’re in the final stages of our “countdown” to be able to launch Wolfram|Alpha. It is an exciting time here in the control room. The team here is gearing up to finally go live, and the energy in the room is palpable.


As you’d fully expect, our teams are full-court-press resolving network, infrastructure, database, and all sorts of other challenges, made particularly interesting by the sheer scale and complexity of launching two supercomputer-class clusters along with three other locations.

One of the biggest challenges we’re navigating today is effectively linking our supercomputers together. We’ve been switching on more and more compute capacity, with the expectation of having full capacity available on Monday.

Tonight, we’re looking to begin to test the system on a larger scale, get a sense of how it will behave, and continue performance tuning.

We’re also looking forward to seeing you this evening live on

Oh… and we’re in Illinois, and we just heard that we’re under a tornado watch.

It will be an interesting evening!